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Former Navy SEAL Tom Wolf is back in action—this time he’s on a mission for a dying man in WOLF’s Admiral, the sixth in his namesake series. Wolf enters a labyrinth of intrigue, betrayal and near-death encounters as he experiences the Vietnamese Diaspora—exploring its joys,
as well as its dark side.

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Former Navy SEAL Tom Wolf is on a mission: Sailing a friend’s boat from California to Florida via the Panama Canal. The sea is the least of his problems. With Wolf at the helm things are never easy.

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There are two Bahamas—Nassau and Freeport—and the Out Islands, a necklace of isolated cays where law enforcement may seem provincial. But even here, humanity’s dark side emerges when drugs and money mix in a volatile combination.

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There is a darker side to Mexico’s Baja for those who stray too far from home. Fourth in the ongoing series, WOLF’s Baja, is a gripping tale of an incorruptible Mexican marine who joins former Green Beret Sam McFadden and retired Navy SEAL Tom Wolf to battle bandidos, crooked cops, murderous sicarios, and an American ex-pat with a secret challenge.

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Leaving America’s elite military fraternity for civilian life, McFadden and his wife have put down deep roots in San Diego.

"An intense tale of the far-reaching ties between a Southern California street gang and an international, mafia-style, criminal organization."

William Patrick Murphy, Detective Sergeant, San Diego Police Department Narcotics Unit

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Former Navy SEAL Tom Wolf, en route to Kazakhstan to witness a Soyuz launch, is given a coded ledger by a beautiful woman. Pursued by contract killers across two continents, Wolf discovers his own government’s role in putting him at risk.

“An intricate tale of intrigue that stretches from Kazakhstan to California and beyond.”

LT COL Lawrence Johnson, USA (Ret.), Defense Intelligence Agency and former UN chief of security/peacekeeping for Angola.

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When former Green Beret Sam McFadden foils a murder attempt on the beautiful daughter of a shadowy general, he and Navy SEAL Tom Wolf... are caught in a triangle of violence, love and revenge.

“A compelling tale of insurgency, greed, crime, power, politics, and action set in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Philippines”

- COL John Alexander, USA (Ret.), Former Squadron Commander, Delta Force

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Nearly seventy years after a top-secret escort mission flown by four American aces ends mysteriously, a missionary in Papua new Guinea discovers the flight leader’s P-38 Lightning deep in the jungle. Half a world away, others who learn of the discovery race to unlock the past.

“A great story...you won’t want to put this book down.”

- COL Perry Dahl, USAF (Ret.), WWII veteran and P-38 ace, 432 Fighter Squadron, Southwest Pacific Theater

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More than sixty years after the Battle of the Bulge, four American survivors of a massacre ordered by rogue SS officer return to Europe seeking revenge.

“If you are at all interested in World War II, the Greatest Generation, mystery, and unusual adventure, you’ll enjoy Craig MacIntosh’s tale.”

- Gen. John Vessey, USA (Ret.), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and WWII veteran.

Craig MacIntosh

Photo by Greg Gibson

Craig MacIntosh, former political cartoonist, illustrator, and syndicated comic strip artist for 44 years, served as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam and lives in Minnesota. 

The Fortunate Orphans, his first novel, has its origins in the events of World War II, as did The Last Lightning, his second book. The fast-paced plots of both stories quickly shift beyond the war to contemporary times. His third novel McFadden's War, a compelling tale of greed, crime, and action set in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, was the first in a series introducing readers to Green Beret Sam McFadden and Navy SEAL Tom Wolf. Second in the series, WOLF's Vendettafilled with gripping international espionage across two continents, soon followed. Third in the series was WOLF's Inferno, and then next, WOLF's Baja, a fourth thriller set south of our border with Mexico. Continuing the adventure is WOLF's Odyssey, a gripping journey testing Wolf’s survival skills on sea and land.