WARNING: Shiny objects ahead.

WARNING: Shiny objects ahead.

You know what I’m talking about: daily distractions, rabbit trails, diversions, detours, wasted hours, and glazed eyeballs. I’m writing these days, have been since 2009 when I published my first novel. Seven books later, I’m still at it. Been a regular on the New York Times Non-Best Seller list. Not hard to gain that distinction⎯actually,…

It’s all about the research, people!

It’s all about the research, people!

Think of writing books as a three-legged stool. Surely one of the legs is research, fiction or non-fiction. When creating fiction authors can create an entire world and engage in flights of fancy. Non-fiction is an entirely different animal. In either genre the author better be right or suffer the criticism of readers who know better.

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The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

The Other Woman by Daniel Silva, 2018, Harper Collins. Now chief of Israel’s secret intelligence service, Silva’s familiar protagonist Gabriel Allon, is involved in an important turncoat asset’s assassination in Vienna. Murdered under Allon’s eyes while trying to defect, the dead man is the possible victim of an allied intelligence mole. It’s up to Allon to uncover the…

The Good Mothers

Tracking Transnational Crime syndicates is like playing a never ending game of the old state fair Whack-A-Mole. True evil never sleeps and manages to stay one step ahead of world wide law enforcement. "The Good Mothers," is a new book by Englishman Alex Perry, a foreign correspondent and TV and film writer, who investigates organized crime. His target: Italy's most secret mafia spawn: the 'Ndrangheta.


Two or More Books on my Nightstand

Old habit—I’m back to multi-tasking when it comes to pleasure reading. Friends ask if it’s possible to keep several books separate when reading multiple authors. It takes some mental gymnastics with two or more books. On my nightstand: