The Danish series, Borgen, plays out over three seasons, tackling politics, the cost of playing the game, and the cynical relationship between politicians and the media, both print and television. Wild ride. Watch the charismatic and beautiful Sidse Babett Knudsen, as Birgitte Nyborg, work her wiles on her family and those of her centrist party colleagues. Dismantling parliament’s Old Boy network, Nyborg cajoles, manipulates, battles everyone in sight, and emerges victorious…or does she?

She pays a price in her family—an adulterous husband abandons home for a lover, and her teenage daughter suffers paralyzing anxiety attacks that land her in a hospital. Soap opera writing at its best, seriously. Think House of Cards, Copenhagen-style. In addition to domestic defeats, squabbling party underlings, and sleazy tabloid rumors from a villainous politician-turned publisher dogging her every move, Nyborg endures. Each of the major characters gets screen time as the new prime minister spends most of her time putting out brush fires at home and in the body politic. Our heroine pays a heavy price over time. The villains are dramatic, and the politics is an ever-changing sea…the plots not doing the parliamentary system any favors.

Despite the bed-hopping, serial traitorous turns among her colleagues, and the pox of “fake news” among those running the media, the prime minister pushes her middle-of-the-road program to success. Plenty of pain to pass around among the cast, though. Danish politics has never been more entertaining

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