Wolf's BajaExcited to introduce WOLF’s Baja, the fourth in the series following the adventures of former Navy SEAL Tom Wolf and retired Green Beret Sam McFadden. I continue to mine the “story vein” of real-life exploits shared by a genuine Navy SEAL I first befriended years ago during his active duty days.  He introduced me to his fellow special warfare warriors, who also added to the collection of stories. It’s been a non-stop ride ever since. So many ideas, too little time to see them all to paper. The plotting, research, writing and rewriting consume precious time until it’s time to publish. That interval can stretch one’s patience. Writing, as any author will tell you, is a labor of love. I never know where my characters are going to take me—never know what they’re going to say until I hear them speak. Always a bit of a surprise when the story takes a ninety-degree turn from a plotted course. As with WOLF’s Baja—I was only along for the ride.

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