Hunting ideas in the Wisconsin woods

Hunting ideas in the Wisconsin woods

Know sometimes how you stumble into a new experience that gets your wheels turning; prompts you to think of a story twist? Had just that kind of epiphany at a friend's log home in the Wisconsin woods. Turns out this gentleman had purchased a crossbow. Felt positively medieval to put my right foot in the weapon's stirrup and pull back the bowstring prior to loading the target bolt.

"Hurry, the enemy is approaching with scaling ladders!"

Slip the bolt in the slot, aim, release the safety, and fire. Dead center...or slightly off-center...but deadly nonetheless.

"Aha, they're retreating from the castle walls!"

Aside from the momentary lapse into fantasy, the crossbow gave me an idea...something to include in an upcoming story. These weapons...equipped with telescopic sight...are amazing. Think I'm going to add this piece of equipment to an arsenal two of my characters will carry in an upcoming adventure. I can already see the scenario: When asked by border guards why they possess such a weapon my protagonists will simply answer, "We're here to hunt wild pigs." Simple enough. Not exactly a lie, but not exactly the truth. They're really there to hunt men, and if the cover about looking for feral boars gets them across the border, so much the better. That’s just one of the twists to this tale. I'll have to end it there...have to get back to work on the story. Happy shooting, dear reader.

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